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10th Feburary 2012

10 February 2012

Weather continuing to be very cold. Below freezing at night for the last 2 weeks, and barely above freezing during the day. We had 4” snow overnight 4/5th February. Happily, over the previous weekend, we had managed to clear and mulch all the beds in the front garden and most of the back top garden.

Our beautiful pink Camellia in the bottom garden has not enjoyed the cold weather, it was in full flower (3-4 weeks earlier than usual) but is now covered in mainly brown flowers. Never mind, we were able to enjoy it for a while.

The Snowdrops and Iris reticulata are out, and the Tete a Tete’s poking their noses up the soil. The Sarcococca’s are continuing fill the air with their delicious scent which is a real joy.

Currently we are not doing much gardening, but I am enjoying looking through all the catalogues that have been dropping through the letterbox, trying to decide what I need... or rather what I have space for. I have been trying to plan the beds under the pergola, I think I would like the colour theme to be white green and yellow (all my beds have to have a colour theme!), so far having decided on Pinks, Achillea, Heuchera and Aquilegia, but we shall see!