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April 2012

30 April 2012

From a very dry start to the year we are now making up for it! We seem to have had a lot of rain so far this month; at least, there have been quite a few days when I have been unable to garden. Recently it has been windy as well. The up side is that all the water butts are full to overflowing and the soil is becoming moist enough good for strong spring growth. The weeds seem to be enjoying it too!

Some of the new plants are now in the beds under the long pergola and growing away. I have planted white sedums, Aquilegia "Green Apples", Dianthus Mrs Sinkins, Achillea Moonshine, coreopsis Moonbeam and crocosmia George Davison. Still to plant are Iris Black Swan and some Heuchera's.

Most of the daffs (except for the Pheasant Eye's) are just about gone over as are the early tulips. Pulmonarias have done well, Blue Ensign has been a picture. Epimediums are coming into flower, the ones under the Betula jackmonii looking particularly good.

A fox or badger has been digging its way into the garden from next door where there is a large hole under the fence. I actually am inclined to think it may be a fox as one has definitely been scent marking around the terrace again which is somewhat unpleasant!

Still lots to do, the Canna's need splitting and repotting so that there will be some for sale on our Open Garden days (1st and 22nd July), and other plants which will be for sale will need to be potted on or tidied and top dressed. Still plenty of time to do that particular job though.

All the grass has been treated this month with weed, feed and moss killer and also scarified so some areas, especially in the lower garden are a bit lacking in grass. Never mind, I'm sure it will soon grow back.

The month finished as wet as it began, and often chilly for the time of year.