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September 2012

01 October 2012

Mixed weather this month, started dull and damp but warm – up to 22’C, then had a very wet week, followed by a dry one then back to rain again. I am getting very frustrated with the wet days as there is so much tidying up to do in the garden.

Colour-wise a lot of the flowering plants have gone over, many just battered down by the wind and rain, but in spite of that, the canna’s are doing their stuff and giving a good display – slightly late but never mind. Anemones are still going strong too, we grow them in white (Honorine Joubert and Whirlwind), light pink(don't know the variety) and dark pink(Pamina). Eupatorium Purpureum (Joe Pye Weed)is as magnificent as ever and much loved by the bees.

Our fruit trees have had a very poor or non-existent crop this year, but then, last years was amazing so I guess we can’t expect the same every year. The Bramley gave us enough apples for a couple of pies and the damson just about enough for one! Each of the pear trees had just one pear – and they were deformed so removed them anyway.

Our potato sack was quite successful giving us enough tasty potatoes for several meals. Runner and French beans and courgettes could have been better but the chilli plant produced a good crop of dark purple fruit.

Our long boundary hedge - Laurel in the Top garden and a woodland mix in the Lower garden had its 3rd cut of the year – it usually only needs two, so is now looking very tidy and shouldn’t grow too much more this year. The oak tree is shedding very few acorns - English Oaks only tend to have a large crop every 3rd year and last year we had the largest crop ever! Most of those that are coming down so far this year seem to be deformed which is rather curious.

I got very excited at the end of the month when I opened up the compost heap and found a young grass snake curled up on the top of the compost. It slowly uncurled itself and wriggled away and I haven’t seen it since. I usually find a couple of voles in the compost heap which I am always delighted to see in there.